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Jun. 7th, 2015 07:00 am
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Name: Ashkaari Hissrad. (Goes solely by "The Iron Bull".)
Age: 23
Race: Qunari

Major/Minor: Sports scholarship for a Bachelor of Business Administration (majoring in Organizational Behavioral Studies, minor undeclared.) Senior year.

Work: Does getting funds transferred into his bank account for writing emails back home count?

Extracurriculars: Rugby is his main passion. He's also a benchwarmer for the basketball team in the off season. Regular rock climbing. He also enjoys surfing, swimming, sailing and white-water rafting — if there's a water-related club he's probably in it.

Then there's Greek life. Bull's risen to president of his fraternity, Eta Upsilon (or Eat-Ups) which is infamous for primarily accepting outcasts, misfits, and minorities, and tend to recruit anyone rejected from other frats during pledge week. "Hazing" is really just paying for a keg and getting blind drunk. The group who live with him at the chapter house on Charge Street are colloquially known as "The Chargers".

Bull also enjoys amateur dramaturgy and may have been in some Shakespeare once, or whenever they need extra guys, though he won't do musicals. He shows up to chess club once in a blue moon. He's also a member of the Kirkwall Dragon-Spotters, which is a bit like a birdwatching club except for dragons.

Finally, he hosts a monthly Kirkwall munch.

AU Background:
Bull grew up overseas and immersed in the Qun and surrounding Qunari culture, and his background there isn't really something he talks about. Basically his childhood was the same as canon: he was taken from his parents as a baby and raised by a tamassran in a group of imekari. While he was large even for a qunari, he was also protective of the other children and acted like a second tamassran to them.

It was decided that he would join the Ben-Hassrath, which meant being trained to go out into the world and remain steadfast outside of the direct influence of the Qun. It was also decided that he would be trained to be granted a Kirkwall sports scholarship. It was at this point he lost his right eye — which he also doesn't talk about.

Bull was nineteen when he arrived in Kirkwall, and incredibly clever and adaptive. He immediately found great pleasure in human culture, and has become incredibly social in addition to keeping up his grades and mandated sports training. He's always busy and he knows basically everyone. Over the last four years Bull has been involved in just about every group there is, but his primary passions are rugby, basketball, and greek culture. The Eta Upsilon frat really helped him integrate when he first arrived in Kirkwall feeling gigantic and strange, and his loyalty to it is second only to his loyalty to the Qun.

While he still considers himself a practicing Qunari, he's gone native a little bit. Tal Vashoth are certainly more integrated into society (that is, they're not killed on sight) but Bull fears a kind of excommunication from his homeland and religion, and leans greatly on the Qun's teachings of having a place in the world, so he writes home fairly religiously and tries not to think about what purposes the information is being put to.

Other Notables: Despite using a PB, he still has his ridiculous horns and pillowy man-bosoms and is a million feet tall. He also has his canonical tattoos.


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